Home ownership has its hazards; insect infestations, plumbing breakdowns and a myriad of other problems complicate any homeowner lives with surprising regularity, on top of the intimidating cost and financial obligations associated with buying a home at all. Still, home ownership is not without its perks. Total control over ones home, the ability to make it in a manner you want, perhaps the way you’ve always wanted it since you were a child, can make even the most grueling home improvement project more than worth it. One particular place where homeowners get to indulge themselves is with their backyards. Building the backyard of your dreams is one place where homeowners can truly let their creativity shine if they’re willing to put in the effort. Still, there are some elements of landscape design that must be addressed before any homeowner transforms their backyard into a work of art.

To have a truly wonderful backyard, planning is essential, and sticking to any plans doubly so. Making an overhead drawing of the backyard you always wanted is an amazing tool for the planning process. It doesn’t have to be a great drawing (though tutorials on drawing landscapes are available from hundreds of online sources) but it should give an idea of where everything goes from rocks with aesthetically pleasing properties to more practical elements such as vegetable gardens or air conditioning units. When planning a backyard, you should choose the plants, decorations, lawn furniture and support structures that will bring your vision to life. Planning for the functionality of the backyard as well as the look of it can be important; after all, if its hard to get to the air conditioning unit or a hammock wont fit in a small space, you’re going to have problems. Safety is another thing to keep in mind, particularly if you plan to enjoy somewhat risky activities in your lawn, such as archery practice or installing a brick barbecue, Knowing the risks associated with what you want to use your backyard for and planning ahead for them is a good idea when preparing to build a backyard.

Also know exactly what you’re willing to do regularly in preparing your backyard; while a lovely bed of grass is always attractive, if you’re not in a good place to regularly mow the grass or remove twigs and leaves, be it for scheduling or health problems, it may be a better idea to cover parts of your backyard in mulch and concrete tile. One thing to plan for is the difference in seasons; depending on how dramatically different the seasons are in your region, this may be a non-issue or it may be a very important thing to consider. Getting backyard plants that can survive the cold seasons will improve your yards appearance when most other plants are all but invisible if you live in a region with rough winters, while scorching hot summers may call for plants that are resistant to painful dry seasons. Overall, the best word for backyard landscape design is “preparation”.

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